The Look of the 500: Today

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In 2011, the Indianapolis 500 celebrated its 100th anniversary.


2011 – Vintage cars on display during pre-race ceremonies

From 1911 to today, much has changed for the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, yet many things remain. Today’s Indy 500 is as much about the technology of today as it is the tradition of yesterday. Built on the past. But still building for the future.

In 2014, glamping debuted at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and fans had the opportunity to spend the entire “500” weekend at the track. It was the first time anyone other than the drivers and their crews were allowed to stay overnight on the sacred oval grounds.


2014 – View of the Glamp Grounds

The 250 infield spots, which featured large walk-in tents, furnished with beds, bedding, tables, and chairs sold out quickly. Glamping was a big hit! It was a new way to experience the Indianapolis 500. And a new tradition was born.


2014 – Interior of Glamping tents

Track style continues to evolve…


2012 – Fans in Gasoline Alley

If you can call this style (or evolving).



However, we always give points for patriotism.


2013 – Snake Pit

Fans continue to find new ways to show their racing pride – some more permanent than others.




2014 – A fan’s tattoo

Today, the Indy 500 still attracts some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports. Some bring their famous assets…


2014 – Ice-T and wife Coco

Others bring a little bit of Luck.


2013 – Andrew Luck speaks with Charlie Kimball

But when it comes to Indy 500 style, one group clearly sets itself apart — the wives and girlfriends of the drivers (or WAGs). Alex Tagliani’s wife, Bronte is a model and fashion blogger. You always expect to see her in something edgy and unique. And she never disappoints.


2012 – Bronte snaps a photo of husband Alex Tagliani

The only thing sweeter than Scott Dixon’s wife, Emma Davies Dixon (and her outfits), is her Welsh accent.


2011 – Emma Davies Dixon

And James Hinchcliffe’s model girlfriend, Kirsten Dee, is not only stunning, but also stylish.


2014 – Kirsten Dee

Just like the women who came before them, the ladies of racing not only set the bar on “500” fashion, they continue to raise it.


1933 – Drivers Wives

Generation after generation…


2014 – Drivers Wives (Photo by: Michelle Pemberton/Indy Star)


2014 – Drivers Wives (Photo by: Michael Schrader)

In the words of famous designer Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” These women have style. And they own it.

As preparations begin for the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500, the names will change, fashions will flow, but the Indianapolis 500 will roll on.

The “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” runs eternal.


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