The Best Photos of 2015: Bret Kelley

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We’re looking back on 2015 through the lenses of IMS photographers. Today, Bret Kelley shares his favorites.

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Helio and spray at NOLA

On the ovals, we don’t get a lot of shots of something like that. It makes days like that a little bit better – for photographers, there’s no other way then to be out there in the elements. You can’t say “I’ll just run up under the counter here.” It’s miserable for us but it pays off when you produce some good images.



Dropping the green on the 99th Running

I’m just proud that’s my station, I’ve been picked to shoot that for years and haven’t messed her up. I see that shot in products all over the world – in magazines, on baby bibs, posters and flags. It’s pretty cool to have something like that.



Valentino Rossi takes a turn

Those guys are something, to get down there like that. They’re taking those knee pads right off – they have to be replaced. And that bike is just beautiful – they’re so small compared to the Indy cars or stock cars, but they’re so colorful.



Conor Daly at practice

Blue is my favorite color, and I like the slow pan we had there. I’m a Conor Daly fan, I’m glad he got a break. That one was picked up and was used in a Smithfield ad in a magazine. That’s pretty cool.



Montoya on road course

I’ve always liked that shot, going into the first turn from full throttle down the straightaway, but it just never had the punch with that background. I had some fun with the lens and got the background out of it, but we brought in Sunoco, the new sign from the year. We’re always looking for signage.



Newgarden’s look

That was cool to get that look on his face. Sheer determination. To know him outside the car, he could have been telling a joke before he got in. But when they get into the car, they become men.



Rainbow over IMS

I was pulling into the Speedway from my trailer in the campsite one morning, looked up and … bingo. I snapped it with my phone and ran to the media center to my locker, got equipment and ran back across the grass to try to get myself into another position to get what I wanted before the sun came up more. That was my luck-of-the-year shot.



View from the Penthouse

During May we have to get our standard (photos) and things that the guys need for spotter guides and static stuff, but there’s little holes in the schedule that we can keep. You always try to find something a little different that nobody else has, and I’ve always liked this spot. Just the girders, the steel, nobody in the stands, nobody on the track. It’s a little artsy, cool and smooth.



A moment with Bryan Clausen

This was a test day, the first of the month. I’m an old dirt guy, so I was glad to see him in a car and wanted to get good stuff on him. He’s cool, collected, cranking around there at 200-plus mph and with that clear visor he’s looking over like he’s wanting us to get the right shots of him. That one I just really liked, it happened to click right on the money.



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