The Best Fans at IMS in 2014

Where would we be without our beloved fans? Each May the roar of engines and the smell of burning rubber are some of the first signs that the Speedway is up and running again. But our fans are what truly bring IMS back to life.

The hundreds of thousands of people that fill the grounds on Indy 500 Race Day is a spectacle in itself. The outfits, the hairdos, the tattoos — as well as the enthusiasm that fills their faces — is something we look forward to seeing each year. We took some time to hunt down a few photos of some of the biggest fans at IMS this year. Determining factors included, but were not limited to: A well thought-out outfit, obvious enthusiasm and, if we’re being completely honest, cuteness. Take a look.

In 2014 we introduced Glamping at the Indy 500. It was the first time that fans have been allowed to stay inside the grounds of IMS overnight. Glamping was a huge hit, and these awesome fans even had T-shirts made!


Holding a wedding on the grounds of IMS is not unheard of, but it’s pretty awesome every time it happens. This couple gets double points for marrying at IMS as well as dressing in race-appropriate attire.


These girls make the list for acting as you should in the Indy 500 Snake Pit and doing it with all the enthusiasm in the world!


This guy managed to dress from head-to-toe in checkered fashion all while keeping it classy. He even took time to dye his hair. Bravo, sir.


What would a ‘best fans’ post be without SuperFan? You can always count on seeing this guy around the track decked out in IMS-related accessories.


How could we not include Ryden Hunter-Reay? The Indy 500 champ’s son caught a lot of attention during May. That tiny firesuit and those race car shoes were a hit in the “Day After” photo shoot. Points go to Ryden for a well thought-out outfit as well as cuteness.


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