Ride of a Lifetime

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The following is a personal account written by IMS fan and former Social Media Garage VIP, Amy (also known as @OpenWheelMom). You can view Amy’s personal blog here.

7:33AM: I woke up at about 5:30 raring to go. Only problem with that? We aren’t leaving until 10:00. Tried to shush my brain and doze, but there’s just no way I can go back to sleep again. The adrenaline is already trying to flow, this girl is pumped, has bubbleguts and a smile that just continues to grow. (Kind of creepy, like the Black hole Sun video, but in a good way)…Sigh. Is it 10:00 yet?!?

10:02AM: On our way!!!!! Talking to all my friends on Twitter this morning has me excited beyond words!! Indy here we come!!

12:24PM: SUITING UP, the sound of IndyCars is music to my ears! Jimmy and I are READY to GO!! Watching our friend Christie go right now! Also just met Davey Hamilton, which is awesome too!

Suited up and ready to go!

1:55PM: Waiting to go!! Jimmy just went and had Wade Cunningham for his driver! Very cool!! My driver went to lunch, came back, and has now run out of gas in Turn 2. I’m just sitting on the pit wall now, hanging out, waiting for the safety truck to tow him back into the pits. I may be sitting here for a bit lol!! Other folks keep asking me why I’m not going…because I want a particular driver!! These firesuits, head socks, and helmets are blazin’ hot….I’m pretty sweaty, to say the least.

2:22PM: Holy crap, that was INCREDIBLE!! I just can’t describe it..exhilarating, intense, breathtaking, amazing…I didn’t want it to end. Anders was awesome, and I’m really glad I waited for him to come back from lunch and then again for him to get some fuel lol!! I know I let out a giggly squeal as he pulled away from pit lane and gave two big thumbs up to Gage, Chris, my mom and stepdad and to Jimmy, Nikki, Christie, Trevor and Andy who were watching me.

The G’s were intense..my one cheek was trying to cross the helmet and apparently have a meeting with my other cheek, but I was grinning to hard for that to happen!! By turn 4 I was really into the groove, and loving every second. I pumped my fists in the air as we sped past pit lane the first time. I was very comfortable and the adrenaline was flowing at max capacity!! Second time around I threw a thumbs up to everyone. I honestly could have ridden all day long. I really didn’t have any fear, even coming out of the turns, with the wall coming closer and closer, I had total trust in Anders. He pulled the #77 two-seater back into the pit and I was sad the ride was over.

I jumped out of the car like a champ and had my souvenir photo taken in front of the car. My heart was pounding, my eyes wide, and I don’t think my grin has ever been as big and ridiculously goofy as it was at that moment. Just amazing!! It was everything I had built it up to be and then some! To be in an IndyCar, flying around IMS was an unforgettable experience. Thank you IndyCar Experience and Anders Krohn for the best 5 minutes of my life!!!

– Amy


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