Our Favorite GP of Indy Trophy Designs: The Jumbo Tenderloin Cup

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We’re about 10 days into the GP of Indy Trophy design contest and we’ve received some AWESOME entries.  We’re going to be posting some of our favorites here on the new IMS blog.  Below is entry #1 of this series.


Many of you may or may not know, but we’re pretty well known for our Breaded Tenderloins, not only here in Indiana but specifically at IMS.  Will M. took the liberty of designing a new potential tradition here at IMS with the Jumbo Tenderloin Cup.




Below is the description that Will included with his design:

“The trophy is the embodiment of Indianapolis, Indiana, and deliciousness.  For decades, fans have flocked to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the jumboest, floppiest tenderloin available.  Originally created by former speedway owner Eddie Rickenbacker, it was his decree that the Jumbo Tenderloin be served at every snack bar around the two-and-a-half mile oval.  As important as the brick with respect to the infrastructure at IMS, it is time for the sandwich to get its recognition.  I can think of no other design to properly embody the basic building block of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  There is no sandwich more heavenly, hence the angel.

The base is suggested to made of something that isn’t too shiny, like wood with a satin finish.  Along with this trophy, I expect the winning driver to be presented with a refreshing jumbo tenderloin to eat in the winners circle.  Also, I expect the driver to slap himself in the face with the sandwich a few times since can’t pour it over his head.  The greasiness of the victory jumbo, floppy tenderloin will likely leave very notable fingerprints on a shiny base.

Instead of being presented by a 500 Princess, I suggest it be presented with a giant smooch on the cheek by a hairy slob.  My cousin Joe would be great for this.

Dimensions are intentionally left off as the diameter of the tenderloin should be the driving factor.  After all, it is a jumbo tenderloin, not a tenderloin of mediocre size.  Two options are presented.  One is in full color to give the idea of a yellow/gold rendition.  The other is in grayscale to represent what it will look like in chrome, silver or my suggestion, solid platinum.

I thank you for your consideration.  Since it’s pretty easy to realize that no other submission will be as complete, innovative, or delicious, I look forward to winning this contest.


Obviously, Will is not only a huge fan of IMS but is a connoisseur of all things breaded tenderloin at the Speedway.  What do you think?  Can you envision Will Power slapping himself in the face with a fresh breaded tenderloin in victory circle next May?  What about getting a nice big smooch on the cheek from Cousin Joe?

If you think you’ve got a better idea head over to IMS.com/TrophyContest to get more information on how to enter, rules, etc.  Who knows, maybe your design will be featured here later this month!



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Bryan Be
Bryan Be

With all seriousness, I actually think this is a good idea. Just because it's the Indianapolis Motor Speedway doesn't mean everything has to be all serious and traditional. There are many other race tracks that have somewhat strange trophies they award for winning their races....six shooters at Texas Speedway or the grandfather clock at Martinsville, and this would certainly trump those.

Meat B.
Meat B.

Trophies Synonymous with excellence: Vince Lombardi Borg Warner Lord Stanley Fifa World Cup Claret Jug Wimbledon Trophy and now.... THE FLOPPY

Richard Dowdy
Richard Dowdy

When I first saw the trophy, I thought it was a replica of Smokey Yunick's hat.