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It’s May 5th, “Cinco de Mayo” and I am sitting at home thrashing on the 2010 Indy 500, and my wife is sitting across the dinner table thrashing on a Indy 500 event, Jeans and Jewels.

Today was a beautiful day, and it reminds me of the perfect storm (hopefully not a real storm) that is May in Indianapolis. It’s almost like it the Indy 500 and the days leading up to the big race were strategically planned to stimulate all senses and emotions.

Let’s go down the list of items that make “Indy’s” timing so special.

1. The weather is beginning to look like summer. If you’ve been in Indy for the winter, you’ll know that it’s cold, gray and dry. Sometimes we get snow, but most of the time it’s just gloomy.

2. While it’s rainy and unpredictable, the weather creates anticipated, but unpredictable, racing conditions.

3. Race weekend is on a holiday weekend, Memorial Day Weekend.  Actually, for several years the Indy 500 was actually on Monday! Think about that, and the fun stuff that could go along with a Monday event.

For me, it’s a lot of things and some of the above. I enjoy the weather and what the weather encourages me to do. For example, I choose to hold my staff meetings in the bleachers in Turn 1. I feel that the weather, combined with the view, is inspiring and relaxing. Our New Media team slaves on projects, and to break them out of their cube to see what we all work so hard for is nearly invaluable.

Another exciting experience for me is getting to ride my motorcycle to the Speedway and coast into Gasoline Alley with the rest of the “Staff/Crew” moto riders. If you’ve walked around Gasoline Alley, you’ve most likely noticed that there are a lot of moto riders in the paddock. What most of you may not know is that you cannot drive your motorcycle into Gasoline Alley under power. So, the trick is to carry enough speed, have your credential ready and shut the engine off before you hit the entrance.  Then is a smooth coast to your parking spot. Or, you can get off, show your credential and push your 300-pound bike to its spot. I prefer the slick way of coasting.

Finally, the most important, and exciting experience for me is the unique sound that IZOD IndyCars make when they circle the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The sound builds as they approach you, then it whips it tone as it enters the short chute and then trails away down the backstretch … then repeats itself. That sound is amazing! When the sun is shining, the crowd is happy, and the cars are on track, Indy is electric.

I am looking forward to May 15 – Opening Day!


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