#Indy500orBust: Our Favorite Fan Submissions

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We’ve seen an incredible response to our super cool #Indy500orBust sweepstakes on Instagram.  Folks have been uploading photos all the time and there have certainly been some creative submissions.

We wanted to take some time and highlight our favorite fan submissions:

While this post isn’t from a fan, it’s still one of our favorites.  We recently put together our very own Harlem Shake video.  Josef Newgarden was kind enough to join us and the post video shoot photo is proof of just how much fun we had.  If you haven’t seen our Harlem Shake video yet you’re missing out on some pure comedy.  Head here to watch it now!

If you’ve kept up with INDYCAR’s #TheOffSeason on youtube you know there’s one thing that Josef Newgarden is on the look out for… Gnomes.  Coincidentally, a pair of gnomes uploaded some photos of themselves to Instagram.  Even though these two appear to be bitter in-state rivals they’ve united in their love for the Indy 500 and Josef Newgarden.

Ok, so this one isn’t a fan submission either BUT it’s Mike Tyson.  I mean come on, it’s Iron Mike!  What’s not to like about this one?

Here we have another VERY creative fan submission.  Love the bricks and the usage of the race car clock.  It’s been very fun to see all the ideas fans are coming up with.

Who doesn’t love a good race car pic?  This person was smart enough to roll out there Formula Vee and slap an #Indy500orBust sticker on the front.  They’ve made it clear what their intentions are while they’re on track!

Our last pic comes from our writer John Oreovicz.  John was lucky enough to be a part of a group of media members who were invited to the Dallara Factory in Italy.  John snagged this photo of Gian Paolo Dallara, the found of Dallara Motorsports who constructs the INDYCAR DW12 chassis.

We’re looking forward to receiving more creative submissions from the fans.  We’ll write a couple more of these as we approach May so you can see what your fellow fans are doing!

Wondering how you can participate? Well, you’re in luck!  Here’s Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing’s driver, Josef Newgarden with a video on how you can join in on the fun:


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Looking forward to see in live one of my french compatriot winning the indy 500

tom chaney
tom chaney

When will entry list for 2013 500 be available?

Carl Lyon
Carl Lyon


Donna J.Brett
Donna J.Brett

My husband Jim and I have been to every 500 since 1956, when we were young adults. Sleeping in the car, staying in The Infield,bringing a camper for several years, and sitting in most of the stands. We have had the same seats for many years,section 25 row QQ.For about 25 years, we stayed with friends, near our seats. Recently, our good friend,Howard, who we stayed with, passed away.Not sure where we will stay this year. We want to make it to the 100th running!! Looking forward to the 500 this year!!!