Indianapolis Motor Speedway gets Wired!

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In a recent web posting on WIRED Magazine’s website,, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was featured in “The 10 Greatest Racetracks from Outerspace”.  Some of the other tracks to get featured were:

  • Nurburgring
  • Circuite de Monaco
  • Eldora
  • Circuit de Spa Francorchamps
  • Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit
  • Bonneville Speedway
  • Daytona International
  • Circuit de la Sarthe
  • Las Vegas

I’d have to say that I am personally a wee bit disappointed with this list.  Don’t get me wrong…Bonneville is cool, but as the top ten of all race tracks this list isn’t it.

Here is my list of keepers: Nurburgring, Spa (can we see Eae Rouge), Philip Island (“the Pebble Beach of race tracks),Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans, like Indianapolis is rare in that the race track is what has defined the city.  But what is so impressive about Le Mans is that the 24 hour race takes place partially on city streets.)

Photo Credit-Google Maps: Paul Ricard Circuit

I had to to laugh at some of the other tracks that were picked.  Las Vegas?  It must have been because they have LAS VEGAS painted in

the tarmac? Daytona? I guess the track looks cool from the sky with lake inside the track but how about Disney Superspeedway with Mickey’s head carved in the infield!  And lastly Eldora.  I know its owned by Smoke, but its not pretty to look at from the sky and I wouldn’t say that its pretty in person.

Here are a few of the other tracks that I though would have been nice to look at from space.

  • Circuit de Paul Ricard: I’d say that this track is probably the most photogenic track anywhere.  The blue and orange lines that outline the track are a photographers dream!  Check it from the sky.
  • Monza: With its super oval in ruins, Monza is a modern facility with the Colosseum of motor racing surrounding the current Formula 1 circuit.  What I really like about Monza is that its strikingly similar to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Both are located in the middle of the city, both are surrounded by striking oval circuits and both have golf courses surrounding them….
  • Abu Dahbi: It may not be impressive from through google maps, but I can certainly image that its extremely impressive from space at night.
  • Laguna Seca: Carved out of the mountainous coast line of norther California, Laguna Seca is majestic from above, especially when low laying clouds hover between th many levels of the track.

The last track that I like, which won’t make the list is AVUS.  This track is extremely unique and was the home of several German Grand

Photo Credit-Wikipedia: ‘Dega-like in Berlin

Prix’s through the 30’s.  This is a unique tid-bit—-“The Silver Arrows of Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union raced only once on the banked version, in 1937. As the race did not count towards the championship, non-GP cars were allowed, which permitted the use of streamlined cars, similar to the cars used for high speed record attempts. Hermann Lang‘s average race speed of about 260 km/h (160 mph) was not beaten at Indianapolis Indy 500 for 3 decades.”

Take a look at the picture to the right.  AVUS was nearly 18 MILES in length and had two ends.  Turns 1-5 were shaped like the Carousel at Road American and the other end was like Talledega!

There are plenty of other tracks that deserve to be mentioned, but these were the first to pop into my keyboard…..What are your thoughts?


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