In Honor of No Shave November: The Best Beards at IMS

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If somehow you’ve missed the excessive facial hair growing on the faces of the male persons around you, here’s a friendly reminder that it is indeed “No Shave November,” also known as “Movember”. For the entire month men from all walks of life will let their mustaches and other forms of facial hair grow wildly out of control. I can only imagine the damage done to the razor industry during the month …

Anyway, in honor of this tradition we have wrangled up a few photos of the best mustaches and beards we have seen at IMS in recent years. Here they are:

First up is this guy who, somehow, grew a beard with almost perfect stripes. Good genes or pure talent? We may never know.


The mysterious striped beard

Who says kids can’t participate in Movember? They certainly know how to blend in with the older generations when it comes to the Brickyard 400.


Kids can have mustaches too

Perhaps the most serious of beards is up next. This man had to use a hair tie to keep his beard under control. Does it get more serious than that?


You know your beard is serious when a hair tie is needed

These three friends were found in the 2013 Snake Pit. Each had different, perfectly shaped mustaches. They certainly understand what the Indy 500 Snake Pit is all about. If their Snake Pit facial hair was this great, I can only imagine how strong their Movember ‘staches must be.

: J. Marko Washle ©

Three friends with three great ‘staches

This guy wins though. A perfectly trimmed curl makes his beard notable for sure, but “INDY 500” shaved into his chest hair? Now THAT’S a true fan. Anyone want to make bets on whether or not this picture was taken on Carb Day?


The winner

Think you can compete with the photos above? Tweet pictures of your epic facial hair to @IMS or post to our Facebook page. Happy Movember to all!


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