IMS Photo Recalls: The Memorable Years

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Ok, it is a job, a hectic job sometimes at that, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. As Director of Photography for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the INDYCAR Series through the years, I have seen countless races, travelled the world and got to do many things in my career. I’ve met many people from all walks of life from movie personalities, the sports world and world leaders.

Hulman and Reagan in '76

Some stand outs are Presidents Ronald Reagan (whom I was named after) and Jimmy Carter (before he was President), Ex-Beatle George Harrison who was contemplating coming to Indy to be on my staff for 1994, Arnold Palmer (who chipped golf balls over my head as he filmed a Pennzoil Commercial here at Indy), Mohammad Ali, Payton Manning, Medal of Honor winner, Col. Bruce Crandall (who waved the Green Flag at the Indianapolis 500 this year) and countless others.

Arnold Palmer in '74

I’ve walked through the pits with Joe Walsh, guitarist for the Eagles, been hit with the green flag at the start of the race by Jack Nicholson (and the one rule I tell the honorary starters before the start of each race is “…don’t hit the photographer!!!”).

I will have to give the year 2003 a nod as one of my most memorable years. 1st in April, I rode the 2 seat Indy Car with Ed Carpenter driving, around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Two seater rides

Then, a couple of months later, I was allowed to drive a Competition class rail dragster for 6 passes at Muncie Dragway 1/8th mile strip (yes, at speed). Then a test at Indianapolis Raceway Park (it was still called that then) for the Indy Racing Experience in a single seat Indy Car.

Capturing the action

Enjoying the moment

Then, at the 2nd Texas race, I was afforded a chance to ride in the Klein Tool Stunt Plane on a practice run doing all of the stunts they do, prior to the pre-race show. The pilot would not let me bring a camera in case I passed out (which I did not). It was the time of my life and I didn’t get sick or dizzy!!! All in all, a great year.

Ready to fly

Who says you can’t have fun at your job?

Shooting from the flag stand


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For us these are the only memories that you have shared, but for you these moments are your live performances that you have enjoyed while your job. This is called real job satisfaction, wherever you work you enjoy, nice share.

Bill Allen
Bill Allen

Hello Ron: I too, own and love an Indy pace car. Mine, a 2008 convert. I just found on the internet, a fascinating driver's meeting photo from 1955. Drivers seem to be having fun, joking about Jerry Hoyt the unusual pole winner that year. Note Vuky's expression as he appears to be enjoying the fun. Ray Crawford's image is blocked due to the pranks of Art Cross and Al Keller. My question to you, Ron, is do you have driver's meeting photos for 1970s and earlier? I think the tension, expectation and courage are all present in driver's meeting photos. Thanks for your time given to my request. Bill Allen


The pic of you getting hit by Nicholson is great!

Tony Grego
Tony Grego

WOW! Some great memories that will be captured for ever. Always said that you provide some of our greatest moments at IMS.

Rick Wampler
Rick Wampler

I'd love to hear more about George Harrison, Ron. I know he was a hugh race fan....... did he ever attend the "500" ? I love the photo of The Beatles playing around on the golf course when they stayed at the Speedway Motel way back in the '60's while on Tour. ( my e-mail address is a George Harrison song ) Rick