Gasoline Alley Unplugged With Donald Davidson Is Back!

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Back by popular demand is our historical series with Donald Davidson, Gasoline Alley Unplugged!  We’ve taken a slightly different approach to the content as we’re not going to be embedding audio files into the posts.  Instead, we’re going to be combining the photograph and audio together to give you a quick video to share with all of your fellow Indianapolis Motor Speedway history buffs!

We’ve spent the past two years digitizing thousands of new photos so we have a deep library to pull from.  As always, if you have questions or ideas for future Gasoline Alley Unplugged topics leave them in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to get them answered for you. You can tweet your questions to us as well! Be sure to tag @IMS and #GAUnplugged in the tweet.

Enjoy the first video!


About The Author

Donald Davidson

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Historian Donald Davidson, based at the Hall of Fame Museum at IMS, developed a passionate interest in the Indianapolis 500 as a teenager in England. Arriving at IMS in 1964, he delighted the racing community with his ability to recite year-by-year accounts of participants’ careers. Returning permanently in 1965, he was invited by Sid Collins to join the worldwide IMS Radio Network and was hired by Henry Banks as USAC statistician, remaining at USAC for almost 32 years. He was named Indianapolis Motor Speedway historian in 1998, and in 2010, he was heard on the Indianapolis 500 Race Day radio broadcast for the 47th consecutive year. Along with numerous television and radio assignments, raconteur Davidson has played host to the popular call-in radio show “The Talk of Gasoline Alley” on 1070 AM in Indianapolis during the month of May continuously since 1971. His writing credits include countless historical articles and columns, a pair of “500” annuals in 1974 and ‘75 and co-authorship with Rick Shaffer of the acclaimed “Autocourse Official History of the Indianapolis 500,” published in 2006. The Hall of Fame Museum at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is an independent, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, established to preserve and educate the public about Indiana’s auto racing and automotive manufacturing heritage.

4 Responses to Gasoline Alley Unplugged With Donald Davidson Is Back!

  1. Chris Blackwell says:

    Glad to see this feature is back, looking forward to more. Here’s a person I’d like to see profiled that I don’t think has been: the man who carried the trophy to Victory Lane from the 1950s into I think the ’80s– Jack McKenzie(?) I heard once he was a schoolteacher, but nothing else about him. I’d like to know how he got the job, how long he did it, and who’s in charge of the trophy now?

  2. Tyler says:

    Lloyd Ruby’s race in 1969, or just a quick summary of his overal bad luck at the 500.

  3. Alan says:

    I am a huge fan of the 500 and Mr. Davidson, just give him a photo and let him talk, it is all interesting to me!

  4. J T SUEL says:

    So glad to see this feature come back. Donald Davidson and the 500 are national treasure!!!

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