‘Field day for grownups’ at the ISC Corporate Challenge

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This past weekend, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosted the Indiana Sports Corp’s Corporate Challenge. If you aren’t familiar with this event, think “field day” for a bunch of grownups. This year’s edition saw a record number of companies participating – a total of 150! Oh, and on one of the nicest days of the year! Mother Nature loves the Speedway.

Not only was it the first time we’ve held the Corporate Challenge at IMS, it was also the first time we’ve participated in it! Companies get broken into divisions based on personnel size and we fell into the Division 2 level when combining employees from IMS, the Verizon IndyCar Series and IMS Productions. Because many of us didn’t know what to expect, it was hard to put a team together and we got a bit of late start since much of the planning was happening during our race season. Rumors started flying in about how other companies train year-round for this event – we all began to look at each other like “uh oh … what did we get ourselves into?”


“Welcome to ISC Corporate Challenge. Your Greatness Awaits. (Just Don’t Forget to Stretch)”

Luckily, there are a few of us here who are fairly active in the world of running, cycling and bowling. We also recruited those who were retired high school, college and even a few professional athletes. “Oh you were a varsity football player in high school 15 years ago? Perfect! We just have the event for you!” In events like the football accuracy toss, Frisbee toss, golf chipping or even the obstacle course, we felt pretty good if we could just get a few points on the board. For other events like tug-of-war, parallel parking and the new addition of the pit stop challenge, failure was not an option. There was no room for mediocrity.

At the end of the day, we held our own considering everything we had going against us. We fell in the middle of the pack for some events and excelled in others. While we’ll just say “no comment” on our performance in tug-of-war, we will say “come at me, bruh!” as we finished with the fastest time of the day in the pit stop challenge and gave an equally impressive finish in the obstacle course challenge. The results at this point are still unofficial but one thing is for sure, we’ve now got the wheels spinnin’ (bad pun intended) and we’re already ready to bring it for next year!


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