BREAKING NEWS! We’re on Reddit!

Published On September 25, 2013 » 1936 Views» By Brian Simpson » Blogs

As part of our off-season duties here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we spend time looking back at the past year and breaking down analytics to help us plan for the next season.  In going over our referral traffic to our website we discovered that we’d had over a 2,000% increase in traffic coming to our website from Reddit.

Now, we’ve been aware of Reddit for some time, and I must confess I browse it on a daily basis.  Truth be told, the thought had never crossed our minds to create our own sub-reddit as we weren’t aware of the already vibrant community of racing fans on the site.  After the fantastic discovery of the increase referral traffic to our site, we figured it in our best interest to embrace Reddit and all the racing fans who are posting, browsing, and discussing endless amounts of topics.

We’re really excited about this prospect and we entirely plan on embracing the platform and providing users with all the content they’re dreaming of.  Heck, it’s another great way for us to communicate directly with our fans and get instant feedback on what we’re doing.

We’re already planning a couple of AMA/AMAA (that’s Ask Me Anything/Ask Me Almost Anything for you new Reddit users out there).  We’re hoping to bring drivers and personnel from IMS in to sit down and answer your questions.

We’re currently working on populating all of our historical content over there as well as starting a few interesting discussions regarding IMS Project 100.  So, if you’re a big Reddit user get over to /r/IndyMotorSpeedway today!


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